Web browser based security management system

Lenel S2 is at the forefront of global physical security solutions, including access control, camera monitoring, event monitoring, digital signage, real-time data and information
feeds from live internet sources, mobile applications, and cloud-based services.

In 2003, it introduced a web-based S2 NetBox that revolutionized access control and continues to change the user experience with innovative technologies and open solutions.

S2s highly distributed architecture fits any size company and grows with your needs.

Easy to build and operate, S2 security solutions are supported by a field-experienced technical team dedicated to providing exceptional service.

It serves many Fortune 500 companies, educational facilities, healthcare companies, factories and government agencies around the world.

Features of S2 NetBox

  • ■ S2`s browser-based interface eliminates the need to manage Servers and Clients, allowing
    operation from any desktop PC currently in use.
  • ■ Operated on both Windows and macOS PCs, this browser system can be operated via most
    web browsers.
  • ■ Card registration and access log confirmations can be managed via smartphones.
  • ■ All advanced functions such as entrance management, Camera system integration, and
    alarm graphics can be operated via the web.
  • ■ Automatic database backup via NAS or FTP.
  • ■ Using the widget function, monitoring screens can be tailored for each login user
  • ■ Multiple fields of user information can be managed, and target data can be easily extracted.
  • ■ Wiegand and OSDP communication enable systems to be built using a wide variety of card reader manufacturers products.
  • ■ It is possible to reduce upgrading costs from your existing system to S2 by reusing existing equipment such as card readers and existing wiring.
  • ■ Can be integrated with surveillance camera systems from multiple manufacturers.
  • ■ S2 also provides dedicated software designed for monitoring and it is possible to perform.
  • ■ Can be linked with other manufacturers camera systems.
  • ■ Access logs can be used for Time & Attendance log management.